Producing animations is not like getting stuck in a giant maze with no way out. It’s more like strolling down a path. If you have little experience developing animation media don’t be intimidated. It’s actually quite simple. Just follow these steps when considering something of this nature.

  1. Have a focused idea about your content. We live in the era of the perpetually shrinking attention span. It’s important to be concise, effective and minimal in length. Viewers drop off dramatically over time.
  2. Consider the platform your media will be most likely viewed on. Laptop? Phone? TV screen? Design it to suit the viewers device.
  3. Consider using text instead of a voice. This simplifies development and can be equally or even more effective.

You can create something that is a couple minutes long and is still effective. You just need to keep it interesting for the viewer.

That’s why you hire Tween. Because we can keep your viewers attention. Click here and schedule a free consultation.